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  Welcome to Stellar Behavioral Health,
a group psychotherapy practice and integrated care service provider.

How Can We Help You?
  Stellar Behavioral Health - Behavioral Health Approach
We know therapy is a unique and special relationship. It can be positive and transformative in scope. However, beginning the therapeutic process can be scary and threatening. We want to assure you, we will support and nurture your journey of positive growth to lead a better life. Our mission is offering a proactive approach to your treatment to help you solve life conflicts and change ineffective behaviors.

The treatment approach philosophy of Stellar Behavioral Health is teaching and coaching patients to self-manage and problem-solve mental health issues, and/or concurrently, reduce the severity of chronic health diseases (such as obesity, diabetes, or CVD). We prefer, when possible, for clients to explore focused integrated care (holistic) treatment goals but the final choice is up to you to decide.

The particular psychotherapy intervention or combination of interventions chosen for you is based on evidence-based research data. Stellar Behavioral Health has thoroughly researched and identified evidence-based therapy models and then matches the psychotherapy model and intervention to best meet your clinical needs.

On the other hand, we realize therapy is not a one size fits all process. Stellar Behavioral Health interventions are patient-centered, we work with you to tailor your treatment to fit your unique goals and values. Therapy is also proactive, we help you self-manage and control your own individual treatment by providing you with weekly educational materials, homework assignments, and other clinical exercise tools to help you stay focused on problem areas when you are not in therapy.

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If you are thinking about starting therapy, give us a call and leave your number. We will call you back and offer a 10 to 15-minute free consultation to see how therapy would be helpful to you.

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